In my 20’s I worked out daily.  I never made excuses.  I hit the gym regularly.  I had written goals that I wanted to accomplish both physically and professionally, and I nailed them.  To me workouts in the gym were a more than a simple workout in a gym.  It was a metaphor for how you live life.  You work hard, you don’t give up, and you push through, always keeping your eyes on your goals. 

In my early 30’s, things began to change.  You know, life happened.  I carried a few extra pounds but I was always around 15% body fat.  I would boast that their were few 20 year olds that could keep up with me, and I was right.  I could still out work almost anyone – physically and professionally. 

However, in my late 30’s early 40’s life began to change.  I took my eyes off the end game.  I develop some really bad habits, and I made some bad choices. On occasion, life brought me to my knees. The lessons “cost” a lot but the knowledge of knowing myself better than ever today is invaluable.

I still have that same view.  Workouts are a metaphor for life.  You have your gains, sticking points, and you have the injuries that side track your progress.  But most importantly, you have your goals, your objectives that push and motivate you. 

I am 47 year old, fighting to get my health back, because I took my eyes off the goal.  I am building a new business from scratch, and I am doing it, in fact, I’m crushing it.

In late August of 2015, I had enough of the excuses about why I wasn’t making healthy choices.  I decided to start my own personal 90 physical fitness challenge.  The main goal was to develop some new healthy habits; hitting the gym regularly, eating better, etc.  I did it.  I lost a few pounds and learned a lot about managing a 40 plus year old body (its a lot different than managing a 20 something year old body).

After that experience, I had a huge “eureka” moment.  I can do anything for 90 days.  Most anyone can.  Small increments of time that are easy to manage with finite purpose.  I got this!

Since that experience I have plotted, planned and prayed about all that I would like to accomplish in the next three years.

I have categorized life into four areas.  Relationships, Professional, Physical and Service.  I started with the end in mind and worked my way backwards. 

Professional: I help brands tell their authentically story.

Relationships: Being more intentional with the ones that mean the most to me

Physical: I am no longer worried about weight.  Health is the goal. 

Service: Serving my community and my neighbors.

Each one of these areas have a 90 day objective that will be executed on regularly.  Each builds on the three year goals.  I will blog about some here, talk about some on my Facebook page, post pictures about them on Instagram and rant on and on with Periscope.  Follow along if you like, comment if you wish, and join me if you dare.

It’s Life in 90 Days.