Six weeks, Five speeding tickets, and one judge.

Growing up one of my favorite sports cars was the Mazda RX7. It was so cool in my minds eye. Later in life I was finally able to pay cash for a new Mazda RX8. That little car was a far cry from the trucks I normally drive. It was fast, nimble and responded to the slightest twitch.

I won’t ever forget the first time I was driving it on a long curvy road in the mountains. The moon roof was open, the sun was shining and the sky was so blue.mazada out

It was a six speed transmission, and I was downshifting and upshifting like I was Mario Andretti. The speed …. lets just say was fast, way to fast.

Within six weeks of buying this car I ended up with five speeding tickets. The last one bought me a date with a judge.

As I stood before the judge, I started to make excuses for my poor behavior. I explained how the car was new. To which he interrupted me and responded, “son, the car doesn’t drive itself”.

Ha! He was so right. I sold the car not long after that. I just could not make myself slow down. I really enjoyed driving that car fast.

I wish I could say the experience forever altered my driving habits, however, I still find myself driving over the speed limit. Given my own driving habits, I always wonder about the story of the drivers I see who have been pulled over. Are they hurrying to a business appointment, are they heading to the hospital, or do they just have a need for speed?

Recently, I heard a story about a guy who was pulled over for speeding on the highway. He was going about 20 miles over the speed limit. When the Trooper asked why he was in a hurry, he said he was a student heading to his first college class and he was late. The Trooper said, Sir, not only were you going to fast, but you were going to fast in the wrong direction. Your school is in the other direction.

Now thats funny! I have to admit many times I have found myself in the same situation though. I am racing from one event to another at break neck speeds without taking the time to determine whether or not my activity is moving me towards my intended outcome.

A mentor told me a long time ago – “Activity does not equal results”. Let that sink in a bit.

If you find yourself in this situation from time to time, then I want to encourage you to slow down in order to catch up. While this my sound counter productive, the only way to break the cycle of speeding through life without clear directions is by taking time daily to review your daily map.

If your destination is a intimate relationship, a successful business, a healthy lifestyle or growing your savings account, you have to take time to study your map. You need friends or mentors to act as your compass. So we don’t we end up like the college student rushing away from our objectives instead of towards them.

Activity does not equal results.

It may be uncomfortable to take time to evaluate your direction on a consistent basis but heading in the wrong direction unknowingly would be tragic.