What are your Core Values?  What do you or your business use as guidelines to operate in day to day life?  I have seen first hand devastating effects if you don’t have a written set of Core Values for your life and your business, and I have lived to see what happens when you don’t review them regularly.

Core Values are like an auto pilot of an airplane.  The auto pilot does not keep the airplane on course 100% of the time.  The plane will veer off course and the auto pilot will make corrections to bring it back on track.  Core Values work the same way.  If you choose to use them.  You may get off track, but by regularly referring to this list of guidelines you will know what you have to do to get back on point.

The purpose of establishing strong core values provides both companies and individuals internal and external advantages.

Core Values provide assistance in making decisions.

Core Values educate the people around you (friends and customers) what you are about and your identity.

Core Values provide a guidelines for who you allow in your life and in your business (employees).

Below I have listed what I consider my Core Values.  These are physical and mental states that I believe make me do my best in all areas; personal, physical and professional.

I will be the first to tell you that I veer off track from these from time to time, but by having them written down and reviewing them regularly it helps to keep me centered.

I am Honest!  I am at my best when I am honest with myself first and then everyone else.

I am Authentic! What you see is what you get!  I am passionate about creating and designing my life and helping others define theirs.

I am Strategic! I am at my best when I know where I am going and how I am going to get there.

I am Committed! I am at my best when I do what I say I am going to do – for myself, my family, my friends and my business.

I am Compassionate! I do not judge people.  I try to understand people first.  I treat people how I want to be treated.  This doesn’t mean I change my beliefs.  It means I live by my beliefs showing respect for the person and the situation.

I am Self Supporting! I am at my best when I earn my way in life and remain debt free

I am a Leader: I am at my best when I lead from the front, facing forward, and by example.

I am a Follower:  I am at my best when I seek advice and mentorship from other leaders and I listen to them.

I am a Friend: I am at my best when I am with people who are fun and share my values

What are your core values?