Have you ever started to pursue your dream or a very large goal and find yourself losing steam?   Have you ever had a day or week where nothing seemed to go right?

If this has happened to you Welcome to the club (we should create a secret handshake)!

That is pretty much how all of life is isn’t it?  Ups, downs, and our choice how we are going to respond. 

Even the most optimistic optimist hits a low.  It is life!  Here are 5 ways to keep moving forward after a crash and burn day.

Keep in mind that setbacks are a part of the building process.

I love the saying, “If you fall down seven times stand up eight times!” If you are trying to build a better life or better business, whatever, you will face challenges.  Consider this as an event to cultivate your courage muscle.   Set backs are a part of the building process!

L.O.S.S. = Learning Opportunity to Stay Strong.

Edison said he learned 10,000 ways not to make a light bulb.  Don’t allow that voice inside your head to defeat you.  When you come face to face with a problem learn from it and let it make you stronger.

Stay Crazy!

All entrepreneurs hear it at least once.  You share your dream or goal with someone and they say – “That’s Crazy or Your Crazy”.  Crazy is your ticket to success!  If you are not crazy enough to say what you want to accomplish then you aren’t crazy enough to make it happen. 

Accept now that setbacks are going to happen.  There will be days when you feel like you are about to run out of steam, and you can’t go on.  Don’t let it cut your dreams back to “normal”.  Keep your dreams and goals big, bold and crazy. 

Stop Listening to Yourself and Start Talking to Yourself!

That voice inside your head can be a scared, and it will do its best to try and talk you out of something.  Tune it out and start talking to yourself with positive self talk and envision how you want things to go. 

Here is the funny part – when you finally do succeed at what you are trying to accomplish that same voice will say, “I knew we could do it!”

Whatever you do – do out of Love. 

Steve Jobs said it best…. “The only way to do great work is to love what you do.”  Take your time to get things right.  Pay attention to the details. Show people you care about them.  Love is a ingredient that literally dissolves fear.  It will energize you and doing things out of love attracts the right people around you.

Make Today Great!