I have been thinking all day about what I want to tell my daughter regarding her 18th birthday and life.  This day seemed so DSC_3822 (1)
far away and BOOM – it’s here.   

I would bet money that I brought her home from the hospital for the first time four, maybe five years ago.  Its been 18 years!  Time flies!

Why does 18 years in the past seem so close and 18 years in the future seem so far away?

You are now an ‘official’ adult and I love you very much. 

This will be long, but please read it all……

  1. Love yourself first.
  2. You are more than capable of anything.
  3. You are enough.
  4. Work!  Always make sure you can provide for yourself.
  5. Words can build friendships up and tear them down – choose them wisely
  6. Being the first to apologize does not make you weak
  7. Home is who you love not where you live
  8. Laughter is good medicine for your soul
  9. So, is LOUD music, so dance!
  10. Don’t be afraid to cry and find strength in the tears
  11. Confidence is attractive
  12. There is beauty in everything, sometimes you just have to look harder
  13. Wear Sunscreen
  14. Don’t hide your feelings – find a way to express yourself in a healthy manner
  15. Your actions define you – not what you say you will do.
  16. Be nice
  17. Trust your gut – Always!
  18. Be thankful – your gratitude reveals your character
  19. Be willing to serve others.  Good deeds will make you feel happy
  20. When sending something electronically always enter the recipients name last – just so you can change your mind if you need too.
  21. Do not be afraid of making the wrong choice.  That is how you learn to make the right choice.
  22. Always stand up for yourself
  23. You Are No One’s Property
  24. High School is not real life – Be ready!
  25. Some people are just mean. 
  26. Real friends are hard to find.  Hold on to them when you do
  27. Nothing you can buy will make you Happy
  28. Do not judge others – show love
  29. Get to know your grandparents while you are able – you will be glad you did – they are pretty cool people.
  30. During hard times ask yourself – If this is the worse thing that happens today – how am I doing?
  31. Pick your battles
  32. No matter how in love you are, do not lose your identity
  33. Speak up!
  34. Don’t be afraid to tell someone “No” and don’t feel guilty about it
  35. You design your own life or someone else designs it for you – make it a happy one.
  36. Don’t chase boys – the right man will find you.
  37. If someone compliments you say Thank You and don’t feel funny about it.
  38. Don’t ever be afraid to share what you feel passionate about.
  39. Always Be Honest!  Sometimes it will be hard but that is okay
  40. Read – Knowledge is power.
  41. If you ever go to a guys house and he does not have books – leave!
  42. Don’t worry about yesterday – its gone.  Don’t worry about tomorrow it might not come – Enjoy today it is all you have.
  43. I will always be on your team – always!
  44. Keep in touch with people you love
  45. Read the small print. 
  46. If you disagree with someone it does not mean you aren’t friends.  If everyone agrees someone is not needed.
  47. Be Authentic – there is only one you and that is who the world needs to see!
  48. Don’t ask anyone to do anything you are not willing to do yourself.
  49. Don’t be afraid to seek advice and mentorship from other leaders.
  50. Finally – Love God and Love People – the rest will take care of its self.

Live large!