2014 has come and gone.  2015 is here and is filled with fresh opportunities!  Last year was a crazy year for me, and I know for some of you.   As the year came to a close I started to reflect on the last 365 days.   I started to make some notes of all the things I learned.

The list grew, and I thought I would share it with you. …… I give you 102 things I learned changing careers, and starting a new business – at 45 years old.

  1. Work harder on yourself than you do your biz
  2. Use happiness to your advantage
  3. 50/50 is not always the best way
  4. Make your biz mobile even if its not a mobile biz
  5. Being coached is important
  6. Get creative with your financing
  7. You can become an over night success in 5 years
  8. Success requires hard work
  9. Forgive others
  10. Read everyday
  11. Take time to reflect on where you are
  12. Failure is inevitable
  13. Canning people sucks but is necessary some times
  14. Write out the lessons you learn along the way
  15. Practice, practice, practice
  16. I realize I have no idea what I am doing half the time – but I don’t let it stop me
  17. Sleep is important!
  18. When things feel normal it is probably time push yourself
  19. Pleasure can be found almost anywhere
  20. Take time off
  21. Question your goals regularly – don’t be afraid to make adjustments
  22. Mistakes aren’t bad – Unless you keep making the same ones
  23. Exercise
  24. If you want to be happy help make others happy
  25. Be interested in learning more about people.
  26. Daily write out 3 things you are grateful for having in your life.
  27. Make time for your FamilyDSC_3822 (1)
  28. Create new habits and don’t bust your chops to much when you break them.
  29. Make your own list of things to stay away from
  30. Quitting one thing means the ability to start something else
  31. Learn to write on a regular basis
  32. Don’t watch the news.  If it is important you will find out whats going on. 
  33. Context is important
  34. Your life is in the dash
  35. Success comes from inconsistency
  36. Ask yourself what’s the third option
  37. New habits take time and are sloppy at the start
  38. 9 to 5 does not work
  39. Take notes on what makes you happy and when you feel successful
  40. There are many ways to bootstrap.
  41. Setting out to change the world starts with me
  42. Starting something on the side is okay
  43. Don’t take for granted free wifi
  44. Start small and learn to scale
  45. Written goals are essentials
  46. Knowing your core values is more important than you realize
  47. Be specific – with yourself, with your partners, with your customers!  Let every one know what you expect
  48. Building a team you can count on is priceless
  49. Create a ritual that lets your body know its time to go to sleep.
  50. Enjoy all the moments.  Not just the good ones
  51. Being naive can be a good thing.
  52. Don’t stop working on your bad idea’s.  They can become great
  53. Talk about your ideas with friends
  54. Take time to be organized
  55. Do a digital detox once a month
  56. Enjoy evening walks
  57. Know your top 3 challenges
  58. Don’t take on more than two maybe three projects at a time
  59. Set aside time for big picture thinking
  60. Be yourself!  Authenticity is rare today
  61. You have to be a leader and a student
  62. Don’t listen to people who say it can’t be done.
  63. Know your Why
  64. Keep an idea book to journal all of your crazy ideas
  65. Have a sincere desire to help others succeed
  66. If you try to please everyone you will fail
  67. Trusting your gut is imperative
  68. Living healthy is important
  69. Don’t be afraid to ask for the sale
  70. Find mentors
  71. Be the change you want to see in the world
  72. The TV will steal your goals away from you
  73. Invest in yourself
  74. Ask questions about everything
  75. Hang around people that are smarter than you
  76. Never eat alone
  77. Accept responsibility when you lose
  78. Take (calculated) risks
  79. Success is not a solo act.
  80. Grow a thick skin
  81. Learn to laugh at yourself.
  82. Do not give up!
  83. Take time to visualize your outcome
  84. Learn how to be a public speaker
  85. Hangout with people outside your circle of influence
  86. Recognize the value of simple ideas
  87. Be so good they can’t ignore you
  88. To learn how to live you have to learn how to give
  89. Exceed your customers expectations
  90. If you don’t know the answer – GTS – Google that stuff
  91. It is not how you start the race – it is how you finish
  92. The universe was created to help me succeed
  93. Be incredibly honest with yourself about everything
  94. Know your why for doing anything
  95. Do not try to multi task.  Focus on 2 or 3 projects at a time
  96. Be courageous
  97. There is always something to do to move forward
  98. You can’t make everyone happy
  99. You have to live your life on your terms
  100. Don’t spend money you don’t have
  101. Keep a journal
  102. Your thoughts become your reality!

I think these will be the titles of my next 102 blogs.

Make 2015 GREAT!