I hope your 2015 is off to a great start!  

There has never been a time better to be an entrepreneur – bar none!  Technology is more powerful and more affordable than ever before.  Top that with being able to promote your business effectively on social media platforms it almost becomes a no brainer.  And, if you need funds to start your new business Crowd Sourcing, and alternative funding sites are hotter than ever!

It is safe to say – If you are considering starting a part time or even full time business – 2015 is your year!

I found a list of the top 10 businesses to start compiled by Business News Daily. I hope they inspire you to do what you want to do this year.

Kid-Friendly Apps – Children are your future customers, so getting their loyalty now is a good idea.

Recycling Pickup – Everybody is more aware of being earth friendly these days.

Software trainer –  If you have this specialized skill put it to work for you and monetize it.

Healthcare Consulting – Baby boomers are getting older and with all the government healthcare issues being passed means opportunities in this arena will expand.

Food Truck – It seemed to start as a fad, but it is not going away.  In fact, the failure rate of food trucks are just 10% to 20% versus a brick and mortar at 60% to 90%.

Freelancing – companies are turning to contract workers more to fill in skill gaps in their staff. 

Mobile Consulting – Mobile is not negotiable anymore in the biz world.  Finding ways to go mobile and monetizing it can be challenging for some business owners.

Smartphone repair – Smartphones are tools in life and in business now.  Have you ever tried to get one fix?  There is a huge market for this.

Testing Business – Apps, websites, sales funnels they are must haves for businesses.  How many times have you gone to a site or app and it didn’t work properly.  Testing services are popping up all over the country.

Business Services – Companies had to cut back in the recession, and most are not hiring the position back.  This is creating opportunity for people who can provide marketing, HR and CFO management or other services.

One core skill all of these business must have is the ability and knowledge to market themselves – online and to the right people.

This is a skill that is taught at the Digital Experts Academy.  They teach the skills required to succeed in today’s digital economy.  

If you are considering starting a business in 2015 the Digital Experts Academy is a great place to start your new business.  

Let me challenge you to do one thing…. and it is completely FREE.  Apply for a Free General Application to the DEA.  By applying you get over six hours of video from a Private Mastermind Workshop with some of the top internet marketers in the world.  It is worth over $497.  

During the California Gold Rush more money was made selling tools to miners than actually mining for gold.  Today there is a Digital Gold Rush happening. The Digital Experts Academy gives you the ability to supply all the tools the businesses above will be seeking.  Why can’t you be the one to supply the tools?

Sign up for the FREE General Application – Take the six hours of free training thats worth $497.  If you don’t decide to enroll as a student thats fine.  However, if you do, you will become an invaluable resource to every business segment mentioned above and so many more.

Make 2015 Great!

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