Your running like crazy trying to be a super parent, starting or running your own business, hitting the gym to care for your health, trying to be a bit of everything for everybody.  By the time the day is done you are completely out of steam.  The truth is many people strive to be perfect when logically they know perfect is not a real option. 

People get lost in activity and lose focus on achieving results.  I have done this and I can promise you it leads to aggravation, a loss of motivation and even the possibility of giving up.  I have felt the pressure, and I am sure you have too.

Trying to be perfect can eat away at your peace of mind.  Here are some quick danger signs that you might be trying to hard….

You are waiting for the “Right Time”.  Timing is important there is no doubt.  However, if you are planning for the perfect time it can lead to a false sense of control.  That is because people think if they plan carefully, it will go as planned.  The reality is in life and business nothing is completely predictable. 

You have read all the books!  These books have a strong ideas about whatever you are researching or planning.  It can help having some outside resources and ideas available, but don’t take to much stock in any one approach and don’t be afraid to learn as you go.

You have rigid expectations on the Best way to do something If two people look at a map and are told to find their way to Tampa Florida it is highly likely they will choose different routes.  They accomplish the same thing, but the outcome is derived differently.  Rigid expectations can set you, a spouse, a child, or those working with you up for failure. 

You feel guilty for not measuring up – almost all the time.   Nobody is perfect!  Most of us can’t live up to our absolute highest ideals, but knowing this isn’t always enough.  Deflated expectations can lead to feelings of failure or guilt. 

Business, like life is meant to be lived with enthusiasm.  Enthusiasm in your successes and enthusiasm in your failures – as long as you learn from them and don’t repeat them.

Finally, when all else fails …. remember to give yourself time to adjust to finding a new approach. 

Make today great!

Hans Oliver