1 securitySome people think I am on the extreme side of internet security, that I tend to over play the potential risks. 

I promote how to make a legitimate, great living online.  The Internet is a wonderful tool to enhance peoples lives, and a devastating tool that can be used to destroy peoples lives.

About 20 percent of personal computers are infected with some virus or malware.  This gives the bad guys access to your information.   For that reason, I would like to provide you with three fast tips that can help prevent you from experiencing a cyber attack on your family or business.

Your e-mail account is like a master key to all your accounts.  Bad guys can use your hacked e-mail to change your bank and credit card passwords to gain access to your accounts.  That’s just the beginning of what they can do with your e-mail account. 

TIP:  Use complex passwords; upper case, lower case, numbers, symbols, etc.  Protect your e-mail at all costs.

Protecting your Passwords is the next step.  If you have 10 accounts of any kind you should have 10 separate passwords.  Period. 

TIP:  Use a password manager; Password Safe or KeePass are two of many good ones to consider.  They will help you to keep it all straight.

Downloading content seems so simple, but people still get hacked by this simple Trojan Horse. 

TIP:  If you are not looking for it do not download it.  If you don’t need it delete it, set your security measure to block pop ups. 

Three fast and easy tips that can make all the difference in the world.

Enjoy Your Weekend!