Your power lies in the words that you speak.  Which words are you using?

Let me start with a disclaimer…. My immediate reaction to most situations is negative.  If I hear a scratch outside of my window at night – I think someone is breaking in, and need to take action.  You may be the kind of person who hears the same noise, and immediately thinks it is a branch scratching the window, and its no big deal. 

There is nothing wrong with either reaction.  They are just different.  We are simply wired differently. 

Some people are naturally positive, upbeat and communicate that way to themselves and others.  If you are not that way it is okay, but it would be really exciting for your future if you would consider re-wiring yourself.  Those negative words could be killing your success

The Power in Words determine whether you succeed or not.  Language shapes how we experience life.  Sit in a coffee shop, like I am now.  Listen to those around you.  How many negative conversations do you hear going on? 

I did this little experiment with myself and it was startling how many times these negative phrases came up and in the context I used them.  In fact, the way I talked to myself often determined the action I took. 

Phrases like:

  • “I really want to….”
  • “I have to…”
  • “I wish I could…”
  • “I want to…”
  • “I should….”
  • “I’ll try….”

These are probably not the negative words you thought I was referring too.  However, at one point in your life and mine, these passive phrases have kept us from accomplishing something we wanted. 

These statements are self defeating.  They take responsibility out of your hands and gives them to ….. well, nobody. 

IMG_7043Recently, I put this to the test yet again!  I was in a marathon, and during the race I found myself going back to my natural instincts saying it was okay if I quit before I finished.  Here is how changing my words worked for me…..

Replaced “But” with “And”

“But” basically  means everything you just said means nothing.  It grants us an excuse to not follow through.  I would love to finish the race, but I can’t do it.  But limits your options and is normally an excuse not to do something.  That day I changed the word to “and” .  I would love to finish the race, and yet I can’t do it.  ‘And’ doesn’t dismiss the action.  It let me acknowledge that I was hurting.  However, by changing but with and it begged the question “How can I finish this race?”  This simple change gives you control.  It made me dig deeper.

Replace “Try” with “Will”

Try is another word that leaves you some wiggle room to not accomplish what you want to do.  “I will try to finish”.  Instead, I used the word will.  “I will finish!”  The word will left me no wiggle room.  I knew I had to do it.

Replace “Hope” with “Intend”

Hope can actually go either way.  I kept saying to myself, “I hope I can finish this race.”  When I heard myself saying this I changed what I was saying to myself to “I intend on crossing the finish line today.”  This simple change in how I communicated with myself made all the difference that day.  It actually helped me to visualize myself crossing the finish line.

Replace “Want” with “Am”

Want is a passive word.  Wanting doesn’t make anything happen.  Around mile 12 I found myself saying, “I want to finish I really do” and I could hear the doubt in my voice. I changed what I said to myself to “I am going to finish this race.”  Simply changing the word “want” to “am” seem to put me in more control of my outcome. 

Replace “Should” with “Will”

Should is another word that is best blown away with a strong call to action word like will. 


The words you use can change your outlook on a situation.  These are the words that I used to motivate myself through the mental and physical pain I was feeling during my recent Marathon. 

Like I said at the beginning.   I find myself starting from a negative view in a lot of situations.  However, I have learned to rewire my natural instincts to perceive myself more powerful over my situations, and I do this by the words that I speak. 

Please know I am not bragging about this.  I am simply sharing an experience.  An experience that has changed my life for the better.  An exercise that I have seen other people use to change their life. 

The Power of the spoken word – both internally and externally – has the power to create a life we desire to live!