Change can be hard and it is a fact of life.  It happens all the time, a company changes direction, it goes bankrupt, or you have an ah-ha moment and you know its time for a change. 

Change is either a choice or it can be forced on you.

It happened to me.  My marriage was crumbling in my hands, choices I was making were not the most educated and finally my employer came to me and said it was time for me to move on. 

Change is a part of life. 

I learned four truths about a mid life career change, When it happens reinventing yourself may seem like an impossible task.  However, with a little preparation and a lot of determination you can embrace the change with clarity and find your dream job.

Slow Down – Don’t Panic!

Even if the decision to make the change was your own – take some time for yourself.  It is best if your next steps are well thought out with clarity and not adrenalin.

Take Inventory of your Skills

No matter what your industry – nurse, mom, corporate executive, school teacher, you have skills that are transferable.  Take time re-evaluate your skill set, and how it can be applicable in other settings.

Invest in education

Put your money where it can be most effective – in you.  Adding education can go a long way.  I chose the Digital Experts Academy and it has definitely paid for itself!  Either way, turn off the TV and close out Facebook and invest in your education.

Surround yourself with a success team.

Friends are great, however, I am talking about broadening your relationships.  Start networking and if you not sure how, Linkedin is a great place to start.  Do you know someone who has made a change similar to yours?  Reach out to them.  Maybe they will be willing to mentor you. 

Change has the potential to revive your passion, but that is a choice you have to make!

Make Today Great!

Hans Oliver