It’s 2016, Market Like It!  Deliver your message where the eyes are or you will get passed up!

There is a discussion that small business owners, and most other industries for the matter, needs to open their ears and eyes too.  What I want you to consider is this – start marketing like its 2016.  Placing your message where the consumers eyes are is what you have to start paying attention to immediately.

You think that would be an obvious statement, but unfortunately it is not.  Even for the advertising professionals you turn to for marketing advice. 

Small business owners as a whole don’t seem to be paying attention to what is commanding consumers attention.  It is time to start marketing like it’s 2016.

People are spending so much time (and money) on forms of advertising that have played themselves out or are not relevant anymore. 

It is time to start focusing on where the consumers eyes are (I am going to keep saying it).

If you really want to win the attention of potential customers there are two places you have to embrace with a vengeance.  Mobile phones and the social media platforms that embrace them, and video. 

Your cell phone is in the same place television was at 50 years ago.  Think of it like this, Facebook is NBC, Twitter is CBS and Snapchat is ABC. If you are ignoring that, you are going to get passed up in the next 2 to 3 years.  

Today, what happens when a television commercial comes?  People reach for their phone. Consider this, where is your phone right now?  I would bet it is not more than 10 feet away from you (See! I was right!).

The mobile world is where you live in 2016. It is where you need to be marketing if you want to keep your competitive edge, and remain relevant to consumers.  There are so many ways to get your message in front of the consumers who are using their mobile devices right now.  Everyone recognize that video’s work! It is not a new medium, but how it is delivered is a ever evolving medium. 

Videos are the medium that is commanding the attention of all consumers in 2016.  This isn’t anything new.  Video has always been the best way to engage with consumers. Television and movies prove this everyday. The difference today, in 2016, is we all have the ability to create engaging video content using our smart phones. 

Creating video content has never been easier than it is right now.  If you notice the social media platforms that are growing the fastest are the ones embracing video content.  Right now, Snapchat is like a rocket ship taking off.  Its video views rival Facebook at this point, and they don’t seem to be slowing down. (Follow me on Snapchat @iamhansoliver).

The point is this, in 2016 and every year that follows, pay attention to where your consumers eyes are.  Know what they are paying attention too.  Then start putting more effort into those areas. Go to where your consumers are, don’t make them come to you.