Social Media Management

Create and manage your platforms, grow authentic audiences, engage followers.  It all starts with a complimentary audit.

Brand Equity

Discover how best to portray your organization to your target audience while being congruent with your company’s culture.

Sales Funnel Designs

Design sales funnels to drive targeted traffic to your content and develop customer relationships.

Text Marketing

Simplified SMS Solutions. Send mass text messages. Reach your customers in seconds. Text “hans” to 87365

After spending a short time with Hans Oliver, it’s clear that labor of love does not capture his devotion to his work. Zealotry is more like it. He speaks with passion.

Arkansas Times

Hans Oliver, has been mentored by the top digital marketers in the United States and around the world.

He has consulted with businesses in the United States, Great Britain, Australia and New Zealand. 

As a real estate developer, entrepreneur and corporate executive he has the knowledge to help you expand the digital footprint of your business. 

Mr. Oliver’s consulting group has the right people in place to ensure your success online.


Brand Authenticity


Maximum Effort Maximum Results


Affordable Craftsmanship


Understands Entrepreneurship